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How to ask for a testimonial if you’re a practitioner or professional

Different businesses have different needs, but I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t benefit from customer reviews. Many times this is often overlooked when you’re a practitioner or professional, because you have to personally ask (and maybe hound) your clients for it. But they truly speak volumes to new clients who maybe don’t know you, or are still on the fence.

Most online shopping platforms have review collection built in. That’s why today we’re focusing on reviews you have to collect personally...

So for your client testimonials, here is what I would suggest:

- One Time Catch Up: go to your list of clients and send an email telling them you’re collecting reviews. You can even offer them something small as a thank you, but keep it small—otherwise people might accuse you of trying to “buy” them. Follow up with 2-3 more emails to remind people if you need to.

- Ongoing Clients: if you had a session with a client and it went really well, ask them if they would be willing to give you a testimonial for your website or promotional materials. You will most likely have to follow up. Do that by text and email, and do it up to four times if you have to.

- Random Comments: when people email or text you and say “oh my gosh [you], I just loved [your service]”—ask them if you can use that quote on your website and marketing materials.

- If It’s All Just Too Awkward: You could make a sign to keep at your desk that says something like “I would deeply appreciate your honest review”, and have cards people could take telling them what you’d like them to do with it (post on social channels or turn in to you). You could hand these cards to people at the end of their session, asking them for a testimonial. Again, you could offer a little gift or discount for their feedback right on the card.

When you get your reviews:

The first and easiest place to post them is on your website. Do that right away.

The second is to have people post on their or your social channels. If you have avid users of Facebook, Instagram, Yelp or Google, this would be great. Just make sure you know you have given these clients your all and that it’s a good chance they’ll leave you a stellar review. If not, you really don’t want them to weigh down your standings.

After you have a list of reviews, you can use them anywhere—sprinkled in your emails, on your marketing, as a post on your social, etc. Don’t be shy. These testimonials lead new clients to your amazing service that they too can benefit from.

Above all: reviews are extremely important. Make them your top marketing priority and you’ll be very happy you did!


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