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Email marketing/newsletters

Email marketing is a prized possession of any business, and so often underutilized. Email is an amazing tool to get you communicating with your client base and networking with the people who already know and trust you. You might be shocked to discover the returns you get by employing this incredibly effective tool. 

Why emails?

Email marketing is a very important part of your marketing mix, and is most often the most neglected by small business owners. Why? Sometimes it’s the idea of writing an email to a whole big group of people that can be intimidating. But more often than not, it’s just because we aren’t valuing email marketing as much as we should—we don’t realize the benefits of having an email list.

If you don’t already know this, your email marketing list is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. These people are hand raisers, saying at some point, “I want to hear more from you.” That is a huge deal. So many business owners miss the opportunity to market to their most avid fans. I was one of those people! I was spending so much time on other parts of my business, including other forms of marketing, that I put building up my email list as a last priority. It was a huge mistake, one that my sales team never neglected to point out to me.

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Email marketing:

  • Reminds customers who you are (yes, they forget!)

  • Lets you connect with your readers

  • Lets you control the story

  • Lets you give timely offers

  • Is an affordable means of advertising; it's mostly free for small businesses

  • Is an accountable means of advertising; you can see who opened your email and when, who unsubscribed, which emails performed better and who clicked through

Chances are you already have some emails and contact information of your customers that you aren’t using. That’s the start of your list! I had a friend who owned a supply parts company. His field agents were signing up ten customers a day, just to open an account. The fact was these customers didn't have to buy anything to sign up. But what was going to get them to start buying from them? An email asking them to!


Don't neglect the #1 reason you are emailing your client list...conversion! Make sure to use​ your emails as a way to connect, educate, inspire but also convert! Whether your ultimate goal is to sell a product or service or just have someone follow you on social, you will want to use your most compelling language ("copywriting") to get them to take action!

Clients: Kate McKinnon & Lisa Silva
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Check your email marketing program by using the assessment above.

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