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About Me --Us!


This used to be an About Me page but now we're an Agency...a big step needed to further serve my clients! I will never forget where I came from though, and sincerely promise:

1. We will always look out for the small business owner.

2. We will always put our clients' goals before our own.

3. We will always and only have team members who support #1 & 2 above!

How we started:

I began my career during college. There was a career faire that my roommate was going to, and she asked if I wanted to tag along. Two months and five interviews later I had a job at NASA Ames Research Center, working on what we know now as "the Internet" (my kids can never conceive this). 


After bouncing around Silicon Valley and a not-so-short relocation to Brooklyn, I married my husband and while pregnant with my first child, I foolishly decided to open a maternity and baby boutique and work myself silly. I had an amazing graphic designer who helped me realize a beautiful brand and collateral for my store, and I was hooked.

A few years later, my husband opened a residential solar company in Livermore, CA. That’s where I learned the most about marketing, budgets, leads, sales teams and the myriad of demands on a small business owner, and how to make effective marketing campaigns within those constraints. Most of all, I learned where I "should have" put my time and money, and how I could have taken a much easier route!

Since then, my love for branding and marketing have allowed me to work with a number of amazing business owners, practitioners and entrepreneurs, which is now served by an agency of amazing team members. I created this website as a tribute to the many questions and concerns I have received over the years from my clients and the lessons I learned for myself--and hope to make the marketing process as easy as possible for all small business owners!

deb xo
We love our clients!

At first I thought, I can do this, I can make my own website! After hours of being frustrated and not getting anywhere, Deb the master marketer took over!

What a blessing and relief! Her ingenuity, attention to details, listening, creativity and just fantastic work really created a better website than I could have imagined! Look no further when hiring a designer, Deb is truly the best! Thank you Deb, so grateful for all you have done! You are the Best!!


Julie Yorn,


Abi Levine :)

. . .

LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much! I love how you put it all together! I love how you incorporated words from our time on the phone, the photos and other information I provided. I love the colors....I am so happy!

Michelle Borrero

. . .


The end result fits me perfectly! I love my website!

Can’t think of a single thing that I would have wanted differently.
Deb's service is very professional but on a personal level. She really knew how to capture what I wanted even before I knew what I wanted.

Kerry Myers,

. . .

I am overwhelmed by what was accomplished. All the content that is on the new site - beyond what I could imagine. And it is beautiful! It was perfect!


I am so grateful for your loving and caring way you work. You are the best! I am more than pleased and delighted with my website! Thank you so very much!

Linayah Kei Michael


. . .

First up, those who won our contest to submit your own ‘Bridge Page’ design. As stated, if selected, you’d be paid $100 so that your page could be shared with other FSM customers in their clickfunnels account.


#1: Grand Prize Winner: Deborah Puku! You crushed it so hard I had to create a ‘Grand Prize’ because your design and copy was that good. For that reason, you’re getting $250 for your design!


Keala Kanae, Fullstaq Marketer


. . .

In working with Deb, I was pleased with the outcome of my lovely website and all the new features she helped me achieve. Website stuff can be daunting and there are many things to miss as a layperson. It was a relief to have an ally who could point out missed opportunities and fill in the blanks with a style that suited who I am, she paid attention to my personal taste and style and made sure to ask a lot of questions for clarity. I am grateful for the support and can now navigate the entire thing myself, with her tutelage and set up. Thanks Deb! Job well done.


Michelle Walker
Creative Healing Center

. . .


Deb has a unique flair for understanding her client’s requirements which she then turns from hopes and dreams into a better reality than they could even imagine.  For our annual basketball fundraiser for LVEF, she produced a campaign that had color, movement, fun, and excitement that was a slam dunk for us. Year after year, she has executed the fundraiser programs and she raised the bar each year on excellence. She has helped our sponsors who do not have logos or ads such that they can still participate on a pro bono design basis. Her depth of knowledge of technology and graphic design allow her to deliver the best possible outcome every time. Deb meets and exceeds her commitments as she goes the extra mile for every client. She has helped put LVEF back in touch with its customers with more timely and targeted communication that will allow LVEF to continue to grow and support the students in the Livermore Valley.  We are eternally grateful for her talents and generosity of spirit.


Sue Ackerman

Special Projects, Livermore Valley Education Foundation


. . .

I loved Deb's ability to understand her client's business climate and design a professional website accordingly, spot on. Her use of imagery and color is very effective.


Jill M. Udoutch

Integrative Counseling Services

. . .


I thought I should share some good news with you. I received 3 new bookings this week because of the newsletter you sent out!  Isn’t  that awesome!  I also received several compliments on the new branding. They love the new look!  oh and 2 of the clients had today rebooked!  Pretty darn exciting!


Lisa Silva

Skin Essense by Lisa

. . .

It has been a joy to work with Deborah! She is always speedy with her turnaround time on assigned projects and well ahead of stated deadlines, including print and digital ad placements, website banners, and unique website artwork. Importantly, she has a creative eye and a flair for knowing on-brand approaches, which is a huge asset when outsourcing key visual projects.  She is a hard worker and strives to deliver exactly what you want!


Lauren Doko

Director of Marketing, Innersense Organic Beauty


. . .

Wow, wow, wow!!!  I am in awe at how beautiful my website is!  It is so much more than I ever imagined.  The font, the photo placement, the layout, the ease of use . . . it all is so perfect.  Thank you for all your hard work, long hours, love and creativity. 


Heidi Steele

Pilates by Heidi

. . .

Deb was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She made communication a breeze as well as kept me on task by following up when a deadline was approaching.  She redesigned my e-newletter so that it had a fresh and modern flair.  Each month she emails me for the details on what I’d like it to say.  I would send her bit and pieces of info and she would compile it into a seamless and beautiful newsletter.  

Anna Vickroy

Founder of Ultra-Spective Photography and the #ConfidenceCampaign

. . .

Deb is masterful at creative and "out of the box" branding and design.  She has the capacity to listen to clients needs and to meet them with exactly what they are looking for.  She takes the time to ask all the right questions to draw out every important detail.  In our personal experience, Deb created a trendy, gorgeous website that is easy to navigate, beautiful to look at and inspiring for our current and future clients.  You can definitely count on Deb to make sure you have exactly what you need and want with her clever abilities and empowering approach. 

 Terri Meadows

Meadows Method Intuitive Pilates 

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