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The two types of marketing...

Successful marketing relies on a comprehensive "suite" of tools. It's not just a website, or a Facebook page. There are a number of important elements that need to work together to build a foundation that will support your promotional efforts.

What? Let me explain.

There is your Marketing Foundation. This primarily consists of your brand, logo, website, and your Facebook or Instagram business page. These elements are the groundwork for all of your other campaigns.

Client: Livermore Food Tours

Then, there is your Marketing Promotion. This consists of your efforts to drive people to your Foundation, using email, social posts, ads, etc. You have to have a Foundation in place in order for these efforts to truly be revenue- and client-building. 

If you have a foundation and no promotion, for example, having a website and not telling anyone about it, no one will know. Conversely, if you have intense promotion but no foundation, you look flighty and ungrounded, like a “shady” business. Your foundation builds the trust. Your promotion lets people know you're there.

Marketing Foundation



Business cards, brochure or handout

Facebook, Instagram or

LinkedIn business page

Marketing Promotion

Email Marketing


Social posts/Blog

Online or Offline ads

Local marketing/networking



Mktg Assessment
Rate yourself.

​You are probably your biggest critic, but even then, sometimes we need a fresh eye to help us out. Try to be extremely objective, and rate yourself by using the document below:

SBO Marketing Assessment

If you find yourself with a checklist full of "NOs" or "WORKING ON ITs", especially in the Foundation category, you would do well to set up a plan and a timeline, and attack your marketing like a bulldog.


If you have a mixed bag on Promotions, don't worry--this area is really "pick-and-choose". What you really want is to find the right mix of Foundation and Promotion to fit your business. How? Start with your skillset.

Take this marketing assessment to see how your business is performing

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