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Marketing strategy

The best thing to do is often the one we don't bother with. I know I never made a marketing strategy because I was constantly hair-on-fire, herding cats, and my favorite saying: riding a horse going full speed and shooting backwards. But a marketing strategy doesn't have to be complicated. Or long. It's basically an outline of what you should do, with priorities on what's most important. Set up and follow this, and your marketing becomes incredibly easier.

What should your marketing strategy be?

We really should be asking what your Business priorities are, because that's where your marketing plan comes from. 

  • Do you need more business? More clients?

  • Do you have enough clients but need more revenue?

  • Do you have clients and revenue but are overwhelmed and need more time?

All of these questions can help you define your marketing priorities. For example:

(All of these assume you have your Foundation in place.)

If you need more business and/or clients, I would make sure you:

  • Are marketing to the right places

  • Are maximizing your email marketing

  • Have a brand that reflects your intended audience

  • Are collecting and showcasing reviews and testimonials

  • Increase your platform to cast you as an authority in your field

If you have enough clients but need more revenue, I would probably tell you to:

  • Consider raising your prices, especially for practitioners

  • Develop other streams of income through downloads or group interactions

  • Consider tiered pricing for your services

If you have clients and revenue but are overwhelmed and need more time, I would say:

  • Consider pulling back on promotions and upping your time on customer service

  • Push out general information or FAQs to reduce the time you spend educating your clients

  • Increase the effectiveness of your communications to reduce the time you spend with your clients


Part of what I consider when working with clients is what they naturally are inclined to do. If I have a client who hates Facebook, I will find other methods for them to get found (yes there are other ways). If I have a client who's business is primarily locally-based, I will try to work with them on branding and local marketing efforts.

Do you know what your business priorities are?

If you do, well done! This, combined with your Marketing Skillset is what you can use to figure out a good marketing mix. 

If you don't have an idea of what to do, try filling out How's Your Marketing Look and then Your Marketing Priorities on this page. Hopefully you'll come out with a good and easy plan to implement!

Mktg Priorities
Meadows 1.JPG
Client: Terri Meadows, Meadows Method

Use this cheat sheet to understand what your marketing priorities should be.

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