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Client: Innersence Beauty

Social media: organic & paid

Love it or hate it, social media can have a huge impact on your promotions. Nurturing your audience with organic posts is an excellent long-term plan that showcases you as an expert in your field. And when you're ready, the world of online ads await you! Yes, you have to pay for them (like a lot of other marketing expenses), but you'd be shocked at the targeting and reach these campaigns can get. {read more}


Collateral (logos, business cards, print ads, handouts)

As part of your branding strategy, you might be in need of a new logo, business cards, or collateral. {read more}

*!@ Just give me the darn leads already !*?!

Ah. Lead gen. Let's talk about it... {read more}

The Marketing Low-Down.

Marketing isn't hard. (Well, some of it is.) But it does take some time and foresight. You need to look your best, be clear and understandable, and be organized--that's the key to not becoming overwhelmed.

Marketing strategy

The best thing to do is often the one we don't bother with. I know I never made a marketing strategy because I was constantly hair-on-fire, herding cats, and my favorite saying: riding a horse going full speed and shooting backwards. But a marketing strategy doesn't have to be complicated. Or long. It's basically an outline of what you should do, with priorities on what's most important. Set up and follow this, and your marketing falls into place. {read more}


Branding & logo design

In today's world, you need to stand out. It's just not good enough to have stellar services and products; you must also have an excellent brand. If you don't, you will become lost in a sea of businesses and providers. If you're looking tired, dowdy, or disorganized online, that is the message you are sending to your potential clients. And I bet you have competition. How do they look online? Do they look professional, organized and modern? You'd better too. {read more}

Website design

Current stats say 81 percent of people go online before making a purchase. That means a big part of your branding is represented through your website. If you don't have today's modern calling card, you are already working from a deficit. It is one of the most important marketing pieces for your business. {read more}

Email newsletters

Email marketing is a prized possession of any business, and so often underutilized. Email is an amazing tool to get you communicating with your client base and networking with the people who already know and trust you. You might be shocked to discover the returns you get by employing this incredibly effective tool. {read more}

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