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Marketing Collateral

What is collateral?

Anything you would use to market your company is technically collateral. It’s branded, printed or digital, and there are as many items as there are ideas from business owners.

Basic printed collateral:

  • Business cards: There are great digital printing options available now that allow you to print in small quantities. No more thousands of business cards sitting in your home office!

  • Rack card/brochure: A rack card is a one-page (front and back, possibly) typically 4 x 9” brochure or menu, printed on a sturdier stock with a brief description of services and contact information. It’s noticeable, easy for people to grab and informative.  

  • Branded stickers, tags, bags or shipping labels.

  • Thank you notes.

  • Letterhead, if you send out a lot of letters or professional information.

  • Branded Sales/Pitch Deck.

  • Company or product fact sheets.

  • Testimonial one page or book.

The more important thing about collateral is to make sure the look is consistent with your brand. This is the way to truly complete your brand and make it as noticeable as possible.

Client: Lisa Silva | Skin Essence by Lisa
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