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How to have GREAT marketing

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

It’s not me, it’s you...but in a good way!

Many people think marketing is just telling people about themselves or their business, everywhere they can--but that’s not true. Great marketing is about showing people why they need you. It’s making the connection for people between what you do and how that would benefit them.

I’ve seen many business owners make this mistake.

They describe their experience in exhausting detail. They talk about everything they do and can do. But they forget to talk about what the benefit is to the customer!

The sooner you can make the connection for your audience, the better.

What problem are you solving for them? How are you making their life better? Easier? Put these first and foremost, and your marketing will be top notch.

It’s the difference between:

“We do heating and air conditioning and we are the best at it. Our technicians are skilled and friendly and our services are priced right.”

Sounds okay, right? But we didn’t make a connection with the audience yet:

“Is your air conditioner costing you too much money? Does your heater run when you think it shouldn’t? Maybe you need a service.”

THEN tell them about yourself. But always try to start with the client.

What problems do you solve for people?

Do you make their life better? Easier? Save them money? I bet you do!

One of my esthetician clients had descriptions of her facials and I kept asking her, if I didn’t know anything about facials, which one would I pick? You have to make it easy for people. “Pick this facial if you want to reduce wrinkles.” “Pick this facial if you don’t like chemicals.” Her original list was descriptive and sounded great, but going that one extra step helps your customers make an easier buying decision.

Try making a list of how your products or services benefit your customers, and put that list on your website, collateral, and create a social media post for each one. Make sure these benefits are front and center!


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