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Vivian Drewis is an amazing healer. I was her client for years before she was a client of mine! When she was ready to update her website, she wanted something straight-forward. No problem. She also wanted to use an image she loved and had on her business cards.  
The biggest challenge we had with Vivian's site was something I went through with many of the healers I've worked to explain her services. 
I used Vivian's nature-inspired image as a background for all of her pages, giving her site a unique look and tying in with the business cards she already had. I was happily surprised with the outcome! Then I went to work explaining Vivian's healing work to the masses...something that took me longer than the site itself! Luckily Viv had some videos and many client testimonials to round out the experience and explain sometimes the unexplainable. I pulled out the major benefits of Viv's work and used them as headers, making them easier to identify.
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