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A quick word about Logos!

There are a multitude of ways to create a logo these days. But that’s not what I want to talk to you about. I want to talk to you about logo THINKING.

I have seen clients again and again, agonize over the smallest detail of their logo. Many times logo design will hold up everything because a client wants to “get it just right.”

This is a mistake.

Logos can be changed. What you resonate with today could abhor you tomorrow. Companies go through many versions of their logos through the years—look it up! Do a Google search and you’ll see great examples of logo changes.

You don’t need the end-all, be-all logo to get going.

In fact, the sooner you make this decision, the better, since all of the rest of your marketing cascades from there. And is waiting. And is not getting done. So you don’t have it. Because you’re still working on your logo...

Have you heard of market timing?

While you’re tweaking this and that on your logo, your competitors are busy vacuuming up your potential clients.

A good logo is a great idea. But get there faster. Don’t agonize over small details. They can be changed later. And don't over print your assets. (I.e., don’t get 5000 business cards and 2500 brochures!) With today's printing methods, you can print small batches of almost anything.

Get that logo designed or redesigned within a few weeks, tops. Then move on to the rest of your marketing and get some clients in the door!

It’s going to look amazing!


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