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Lisa silva


Most important:



Establish credibility, demonstrate experience, placement among

med spas, online store with easy checkout


Rebrand: logo, biz cards, Gift cards, website

Modernize website: Bring your website into 2019 formats

Add blog: Establish credibility through education of your audience

Online store: provide viable shopping experience as an alternative to Amazon, etc.



Once your foundation is in place, you must promote it. This is the downfall of many people getting a new website. A website is like an apartment in a big city. The only people who are going to know you’re there are people with your address. Otherwise you’re going to have to hang some signs in the windows and on the streets to let people know. That is promotion.


Email program: your best and most loyal clients are on your email list. Educate, offer, sell. No-brainer.


Video tutorials and demonstrations: this would be amazing for you to do. We can post these on your website, on social media, and start a YouTube channel. Video is the future and people can’t get enough of them, especially for innovative facial services.


Now, because you are a local business with strong word-of-mouth, there are two ways you can go with for your promotion efforts. Ideally, you do all of them, but it may or may not be overwhelming for you:


One is the social media platforms:

Reengage Facebook platform: this is a good way to get your services out there, locally and more than locally. This platform should help with selling product and selling services, but probably mostly with selling services. One would argue that Facebook should belong in the “foundation“ category. It’s just something everyone should have now, but I think it’s really there on the edge, especially since you have a physical location.


Add Instagram platform: there is a lot of beauty activity on Instagram. Your people are there. The question is whether your local people are there. I know here, a lot of local people are on Instagram. If that is your case, then it’s worth it. Plus we can leverage a lot of what you do on Facebook to go on Instagram.


The other option of promotion is relying on your existing client base, not to be taken lightly:


Client referral program: set up a referral program that gives clients a discount or gift when they refer new clients to you. When we had our business, we got 70% of our customers through referrals!


Favorite client program: show your clients that you care about them, and want them to stay. Either put in an official favorite client program (book five facials, get one free), or an unofficial one through your email list, Facebook and website (surprise discounts only to subscribers, surprise gifts for returning clients). Make them feel like they want to come back to you.


Local affordable advertising: I see Elk Grove has a number of events throughout the year, a local newspaper that is also online, and a nice community. There are many affordable options to promoting yourself locally, as long as your foundation is in place. We can create a calendar of events and activities for you, collateral for you to give out and promotional ideas to get people to act. (Offer a free skin analysis or consult, A seasonal promotion or discount.) you can also work with mom’s clubs or schools, and advertise with Groupon or your local patch.

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