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Flee the City 


Dear Todd,

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We strive to reach the best results for our clients and take their marketing needs very seriously. You’ll see we are different from other companies in that although we can’t guarantee results (no one can), we do keep some skin in the game—you’ll see that in our special note at the end.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

deb xo

Flee the City Marketing/Advertising Proposal

Your Goals: Immediate scaling, unlimited income, sky’s the limit ;)

Best Answer: 3-month trial Facebook strategy:

Month 1: organic posting one solid month, as well as onboarding/set up for your brand language, sales funnel and campaign development.

Month 2: ads start, testing for funnel and optimizing of ads.

Month 3: leads start—it does take a couple of months to “crack a funnel”—meaning we find the right voice, find the right audiences, and optimize Facebook’s algorithm for you. Of course there are clients who see results right away, but if I was going to guess, your optimal leads would come in Month 3.


1. *Full Social Content Management*

Very important in your case that this is done and done well. Facebook rewards or punishes ad accounts based on personal and fan profiles. We definitely would want a solid month of organic social posting for 2 reasons: it reduces ad costs dramatically (up to 88%!) and it raises the credibility of your site with Facebook and Instagram. This should decrease chances of you getting shut down...which really shouldn’t happen with your new branding.

Right now, I have this quoted in-house, which we can try for the first three months. If after that, we (or you) need to hire it out, these prices may increase.

What I heard was: You don’t want to be on the platforms (don’t blame you)

Best Answer: Full social management, including:


  • Two platforms, Facebook & Instagram

  • Initial rebranding and reposting of original posts

  • Content creation, 3 posts/week

  • A mix of post types, stories, surveys, testimonials and CTAs

  • Direct scheduling to platforms

  • Community engagement (initial level), including following like-minded accounts and getting organic exposure to target audiences

  • Hot Lead handling

  • Posting starts immediately in Month One

Our strategy would be engagement yes, but mostly foundational to allow us to run ads on both platforms, not get shut down and keep ad cost as low as possible.

Cost: $650 monthly, starting at month 1

2. * Done for you Facebook & Instagram Ads Lead Gen Campaign*

We want to be able to tap you into Facebook’s billions of users and targeted audience tools. Initially in Month 1, we propose to do two things: 1) run your social organically to build your foundation, and 2) build your automated lead engine that will bring leads to you.

Month 1: Onboarding

Initially in Month 1, while running your social organically, we define your strategy, find your audiences and create all campaign assets, including:

  • 4 onboarding Client calls, with you, and your web designer if desired

  • Nail down avatar targeting/copywriting voice

  • Develop Facebook-compliant branding

  • Design funnels and sales pages

  • Create initial campaign assets (these will change as we test the system)

  • Identify appropriate audiences to target

  • Set up of campaign automation

  • Set up CRM integration or lead handoff

  • Set up of funnel system on GHL platform, $97/month, includes funnel platform, calendar integration, online booking, text and email reminders and email platform

What we’re doing here is building you a lead generation “machine” that will work for you day and night. There is automation that needs to be integrated and participation needed from you or your marketing team, which is what the onboarding calls are for.

**We are also offering to build you an email drip sequence & platform to capture leads through a nurture campaign, included in this cost (5 emails included).

Cost: $2800 for Onboarding Month 1 + $97 for software platform

Month 2 & 3: Ads Start.

In Month 2, we start testing ads.

  • Start campaigns

  • Daily checks of ads and ad account

  • Use analytics to optimize funnel including lead page optimization, pixel optimization and integration between Facebook, GHL and lead platform

  • Tweak copy, visuals, funnel as needed

  • Emailed Ad Progress Report to you every Friday

  • 30-minute call with Client to discuss progress & strategy every two weeks

Cost: $1250/month management cost, PLUS ad spend at ~$800/month to start, paid directly from you to Facebook through your ad account and $97 for software platform

Your proposed payment schedule would be:

Month 1: $2800 + $650 + $97 = $3,547 Total, to Agency
Month 2: $1250 + $650 + $97 (+ min $800 in ad spend) = ~$2,797 Total, to Agency & FB
Month 3: $1250 + $650 + $97 (+ min $800 - $1000 in ad spend) = ~$2,997 to Agency & FB

Special Note:
And because I will never forget what it was like to be a business owner making these marketing decisions, if we fail to produce effective results for you by the end of Month 3, I will personally return your Month 3 ad management payment of $1250. 

There’s no way I or any other ads agency could guarantee you a specific number of *quality* leads, so this guarantee is just to demonstrate our commitment to your success. I am fairly certain that if we are running a campaign of sufficient results, you will be more than satisfied to continue it!


If you do decide to go the conservative route, we believe there’s really no need for the Flee the City branding, since your Black Rifle brand is really solid among conservatives. 

Let me know if you'd like to pursue this arrangement. Otherwise, good luck with you and your business, Todd! I look forward to seeing the great things you'll do!


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