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We're so excited to help you on your Agency journey!
Here's the agreement, just to restate:

Each week, we'll supply 3 beautifully crafted, Instagram-formatted posts directly into your Facebook scheduler (and connected to your Instagram account). That's about 12 posts per month, covering...

  • Mondays: Mindset Mondays, posts related to positive mindset and exploring mindset as a condition for growth.

  • Wednesdays: Business Tips from an agency and entrepreneurship perspective, covering social media, marketing and general business information.

  • Fridays: Inspirational Quotes to kick off the weekend.

Your posts will be color-customized to fit your brand. Upon successful payment, we will reach out to you and begin the process of approving your post colors. Your first month's schedule will begin 2 weeks after your approval. You will have two revisions to get the colors you like!


We're also throwing in 5 post templates in .png format for you to include your agency testimonials, calls to action or any highlights you might have.


Each month's posts are scheduled at least one to two weeks in advance to give you the peace of mind it's getting done and plenty of time to plan additional comments or other engagement. 

We'll send you an email notification when your posts have been uploaded.

For the first month, we will need agreement on post colors before we go live (which we will email you about) so please make sure to get back to us right away!

You agree to:

  • Provide us access to your Facebook page

  • Connect your Instagram to your Facebook for cross-promoting

  • Reach out to us if you have any questions or issues

  • Give us a 30-day notice if you'd like to cancel

All of this is just for $250/month.

(Set up fee of $400 has been WAIVED! Woo-hoo!) 

Are you ready??
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