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Hey there!
...Running an agency?
...Got enough on your plate?

Don't spend another minute on basic social media posts.

I see you, Agency owner.

Overworked. Stressed. Even if you're killing it, you're still juggling a million tasks...calling prospects, building funnels, managing clients, writing copy, placing ads...the list goes on and on.


Perhaps wishing you had more free time, or time to spend on core money-making activities?

And guess what! You still need do that one basic thing:


Posting on your social every day might not exactly bring in the bacon, but we know it's the foundation to a successful agency.

Time is money, and we only have so much of it! can you use your time more wisely?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a fairy posting godmother? Well now, you CAN!
How we got here...backstory!
We got you...
  • Done for you, boutique advertising agency-specific social media posting for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Professionally formatted posts that will work beautifully on both platforms...color-customized to fit YOUR brand.

  • Created and posted FOR you, 3 times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • One month of posts scheduled at least two weeks in advance for you to review (or not...whatever!).

  • Trending social post topics that are relevant to the ads agency business, entrepreneurship and modern mindset.

  • Reliable and consistent posting so you can relax a little!

Would you consider yourself to be a great social media poster? Because 

It's okay, she's great at what she does, and she can take care of her clients, but for some reason, when it comes to *her own social*, she has a few...well, "hangups". Like,


  • She struggles with perfectionism for EVERY post

  • She overthinks posts and frets every last detail

  • She spends WAY too much time overthinking her Instagram board

  • (And this might be the branding side of her)...she wants everything to look cohesive and professional but doesn’t want to spend all the time to get there

She continually leaves her social media posting as the last important activity on her list, which of course, she then doesn't get to. It's always a struggle because as an agency owner, she just has so many different things to do.

She would definitely rather be working with clients or taking sales calls than posting every day!

But the one thing my mom is REALLY good at is always asking

“how could this be easier?”


...and she realized a lot of other ad/marketing agency owners might be struggling with the same thing.

This is for you if...

➧ You're tired of trying to keep up with All The Things. 

➧ You want beautiful, professional-looking posts without having to spend the time to get there.

➧ You want relevant posts without having to search the Internet for hours.

➧ You want to bring your own ad costs down but don't have the time for consistent posting demands.

➧ You want to reduce the time looking for images and creating graphics.

➧ You want to spend more time on your revenue-generating activities.

Now you might be thinking...I'd love that, but I can't afford it!?

But here's the deal--agency owners are all posting about pretty much the same thing. So by sharing posts, the cost of running social accounts can be dramatically reduced saving us all thousands of dollars!

Here's how it works...

Each week, we'll supply 4 beautifully crafted, Instagram-formatted posts directly into your Facebook scheduler (and connected to your Instagram account). That's about 16 posts per month, covering...

  • Mondays: Mindset Mondays, posts related to positive mindset and exploring mindset as a condition for growth.

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Business Tips from an agency and entrepreneurship perspective, covering social media, marketing and general business information.

  • Fridays: Inspirational Quotes to kick off the weekend.

We're also throwing in a 4 post templates for you to include your agency testimonials, calls to action or any highlights you might have, and some interactive story post ideas for you to pop onto your Insta account.


Each month's posts are scheduled one to two weeks in advance to give you the peace of mind it's getting done and plenty of time to plan additional comments or other engagement.

AND--each post will be color-customized to fit your brand!

Typical social media management can cost $1500 and up per month...many without scheduling or extras.

If you're just starting out, or are running your agency part time, you might not have the funds for that! And we all know, *we should be doing this*...

So we're here to make posting as easy and affordable as possible!

Start your awesome social posting for only $250 per mo!*

(*This includes a WAIVED set up fee of $400. Introductory pricing, for a limited time only!)

We're like the Awesome Assistant you didn't know you could

Are you ready to slay Facebook & Instagram? We are!


✔ 4 professionally-formatted posts each week

✔ Posts color-formatted to fit your brand

✔ Two platforms, Facebook & Instagram

✔ Written, formatted and scheduled for you
✔ An entire month of posts scheduled at once 
✔ Each month scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance

✔ Extras(!) 5 Additional templates for your testimonials & CTAs

✔ Extras(!) 4 Insta story ideas for you to create per month

✔ No long term contracts

Got Questions?

How does this work again?

We will schedule 12 beautifully-formatted posts for you, in your Facebook scheduler, one month in advance. Each post is delivered on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

What would I need to give you?

We will need to be added as admin on your Facebook business page, and you will need to have your Instagram account connected to your Facebook page.

Are you posting the same posts on both platforms?

Yes. Each post will be scheduled in Facebook, and because you'll have your accounts connected, the same post will then be pushed to your Instagram account.

Will the posts match my branding?

Yes! We will match your colors! We won't be adding logos to the posts because these posts are shared--but we will do our best to represent you! And if you're starting with a blank page or want to change things up, we can give you some options to consider.

If you'e formatting for Instagram, will it look okay in Facebook?

Yes! Instagram formatting works very well in Facebook! (Not so much the other way around...)

Will "everyone" have the same exact posts?

We wouldn't want that, but we also know the likelihood of someone following two agency accounts and seeing both posts on the same day are EXTREMELY low. Like "win-the-lottery" low. And this is how the program stays affordable. But--we will be shuffling posts between our clients so no one is putting out the same post on the same day. That, plus the color-customization means even less chance of your posts being recognizable on someone else’s platform.

When can I start?

We just need one to two weeks to get set up, after you process payment & approve the look of your posts.

Can I review the look and feel of the posts prior to launch?

We will create the first week of posts for you to approve. You'll have 1 revision (we’ll already be sending you our best guess) to make sure the look suits your board. After approval, we will use those same formatting guidelines for the rest of your posts.

What if I don't like the posts?

We want you to be happy with your posts, so yes, can adjust. There might be a break between scheduling to set up your new look.


What if I want to cancel?

We'd love your feedback as to why, and yes--you can cancel your upcoming month 30 days in advance, anytime. There are no long-term commitments!

Can I see samples of your posts?

You sure can! They are featured above on this landing page. But--your posts will be customized to your board, so no two posts will really look alike.

Will you be offering Instagram or Facebook stories?

Not at currently, but yes, we are planning to offer Instagram and Facebook stories, which will promote the posts we have scheduled for you that week.

What do you need to do?

Honestly...not much!

Because we're done-for-you, you just need to set up and sit back and let the super awesome support happen! But we do have some tips on how to maximize our service for best results:

  • Have us do your basic posting, three times per week.

  • Add in your personal videos/Facebook lives, personal and longform posts.

  • Use a mix of stories, posts and reels.

  • Use our templates to add in your own testimonial quotes and calls to action.

  • Be the first one to comment on your posts, by adding additional information, hashtags, a question or a short personal anecdote!

About Us...

london & deb

We are a mother-daughter team bent on the success of ourselves and our peers! After a long stint in Silicon Valley, Deb has been a small business marketing consultant, a solar company owner prior to that, and now a student and agency owner of Sarah Mae Ives.


London is an ultra-driven Gen Z-turned social media manager who spends as much of her time as possible on Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok while playing sports and slaying school!

Together, we're an unstoppable team of coffee drinkers who love hanging out with each other!

And that's really all there is to it!

If you have more questions or any concerns, or just want to chat with us before you sign up, please just drop us a line and we can set up a call!

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